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Maintenance, Trades and Custodial Staff

Background: While most asbestos-response actions must be completed by certified asbestos abatement firms using accredited personnel, certain small-scale, short-duration (SSSD) projects and maintenance activities* may be completed by trained in-house personnel provided they follow certain safety precautions for workers and building occupants.

*This work include removal or disturbance of material that would fit into a single glove bag (for removal of pipe insulation) or a single prefabricated mini-enclosure (for repairs to small amounts of friable asbestos-containing material only if they are required in the performance of maintenance-activities that are not intended solely to be asbestos-abatement actions).

Training Opportunity: Pennoni will offer a 16-hour Asbestos O&M Course from February 24-25, 2022. The course is designed for school and facility personnel to complete various typical small-scale maintenance projects, such as pipe insulation repair and removal, flooring removal, core drilling, and responding to emergency situations involving asbestos. Course topics include background on asbestos; health effects; asbestos regulations; worker safety, including respiratory and personal protection; asbestos control technologies, equipment and procedures; visual assessments; and engineering and work practice controls.  Note: Respirator Fit Testing may be provided during these sessions for individuals who are medically cleared and clean-shaven in the area of the facepiece seal. If you would like to be fit tested in this class, you must bring your own respirator.


Cost $425