All classes begin at 8:00am unless otherwise noted.
Our Scranton training center is located at 1337 Veterans Memorial Drive, Jessup, PA 18434.  For complete directions, please go to our DIRECTIONS page, where you can also find local hotels and nearby restaurants. Note: * Includes value added certifications, see course description for details.
Hrs Cost
Lead Abatement Worker Initial* (In-Person) 16 $375
HAZMAT Technician/Specialist/Incident Command Refresher* (In-Person) 8 $250
Lead Supervisor Initial* (In-Person) 32 $650
National Safety Council Standard First Aid; Adult CPR/AED; OSHA BBP* (In-Person) 8 $250
Asbestos Inspector Refresher* (In-Person) 4 $150
Asbestos Inspector Refresher* & Asbestos Management Planner Refresher (In-Person) $250
Asbestos Management Planner Refresher (In-Person) 4 $150
Lead Inspector Refresher* (In-Person) 8 $250
OSHA General Industry* (30-hour) (In-Person) 30 $695
Asbestos Worker Initial* (In-Person) 32 $550
Lead Repair, Renovation & Painting (RRP) Refresher (In-Person) 4 $150
Lead Repair, Renovation & Painting (RRP) Initial (In-Person) 8 $250
Hazardous Waste Site Worker* (In-Person) 40 $850
HAZMAT Technician/Specialist/Incident Command* (In-Person) 24 $575
Hazardous Waste Site Worker/TSD Supervisor Refresher * (In-Person) 8 $250
Permit Required Confined Space EA&S with Rescue Practices (Supplied Air Respirator)* (In-Person) 16 $375
Permit Required Confined Space Entrant; Attendant; Supervisor* (In-Person) 8 $250
PRCS Annual Rescue Drill* (In-Person) 8 $250
Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial* (In-Person) 40 $750
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