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Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. specializes in occupational health and safety, environmental and compliance auditing, emergency planning, hazardous exposure assessments and remedial health and safety programs, terrorist response and weapons of mass destruction training and more.  Our safety professionals, industrial hygienists, and environmental health experts provide multi-directional analyses and recommendations to tough health and safety concerns.  For over 25 years, our firm has been committed to providing consulting and management services, as well as training and education, to ensure a safe and productive work environment for our clients, our communities and our planet.


Exposure to toxic material is a serious concern in today’s world. Our environmental health experts are certified to handle toxic materials and minimize exposures in both workplace and public settings. Prevention of biological and chemical exposures are routinely planned and implemented.


Employees in the oil and gas industries face serious danger on the job. Our safety engineering experts review complex chemical and environmental processes, anticipate risks and develop remedies to minimize risks of process failure and associated catastrophic events.


Emergency preparedness is essential in today’s world. Proactive plans and exercises prepare businesses for potential disaster.  Our emergency preparedness team provides expertise in areas of risk and crisis management, including all-hazards analysis (HSEEP compliant for both public and private interests), risk reduction planning, continuity of business operations, exercise and others.


Occupational safety programs are required for regulatory compliance, but more importantly, they save lives.  Effective occupational safety programs are essential business practices for companies, as they reduce accidents and illnesses, as well as business expenses.  Our firm helps businesses minimize these problems by implementing safety programs aimed at preventing workplace injuries and illnesses.


Accidents, illnesses, and emergencies happen, and when they do, legal issues can arise. Our expert testimony personnel have significant experience and expertise in providing litigation support on a wide range of occupational health and safety issues. Our team members are qualified as expert witnesses by multiple courts and take pride in superior opinion to ensure our clients receive sound, competent litigation support.


It is important to comply with regulatory safety and health requirements and just as important to know and implement the best practices in the regulatory world. Our professionals ensure our clients a safe and productive environment, as well as ensure regulatory compliance while minimizing liability exposure.

Practical solutions for any industry

Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. provides a diverse and extensive range of consultancy health and safety services to any industry where workers lives are at risk.  Our highly trained professionals thoroughly analyze potential threats while providing best solutions to allow our clients to focus on their core business, meanwhile reducing illnesses, hazards, and subsequent costs.

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