Safety and Hazardous Operation Program

How safe is your property? How safe are you? You need to know the environmental health and safety risks, the responsibilities and the degree of hazards associated with your buildings, grounds and personnel. Current environmental legislation has clearly placed responsibilities for toxins and safety hazards with each property owner and operator. The hazards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are all regulated:

  • Asbestos, Lead, PCBs and Toxins in Buildings and Equipment
  • Radon and Radioactive By-products and Materials
  • Legally and Illegally Disposed Hazardous Material/Waste
  • Above and Underground Storage Tanks
  • Building Construction, Safety and Fire Hazards
  • Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Hazards (Noise, Light, etc.)
Accurate knowledge is your best protection! You need to know both what is and is not at or adjacent to your property to make your informed decisions!

You can acquire this information through a tiered series of site assessments or building inspections. Assessments look for both acute and long-term toxins, physical and environmental hazards and the possibilities of pollution and safety liabilities – now and in the future. All are important and all play a key role in your property management plans.

Cocciardi provides a variety of environmental testing and analysis services, critical to determinations of property safety. Listed as an American Industrial Hygiene Association consultant, the firm’s professionals analyze data and tests to provide you with answers to these key questions.

If you are interested in these services or would like to schedule a visit by an area representative, contact Cocciardi and Associates, Inc.

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