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Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. is a full service Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Emergency Management consulting and engineering firm, with multiple locations in Pennsylvania. The company offers an exceptional benefit package, including a 401(k) retirement plan.    


Collegiate Safety Program Professional

(Posted 6/4/2014)

Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. is a full service Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Emergency Management consulting and engineering firm with multiple locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (www.cocciardi.com). 


The company is currently soliciting CV/resumes for an individual who will manage corporate support of core company services provided to colleges and universities.  The company services these clients in a multi-state area.  However, many are located in the Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania region.  The position is preliminarily identified as operating from the company’s Scranton, Pennsylvania office location.


This is a full-time, FLSA exempt, salaried position (salary DOQ).  A comprehensive benefit package, including 401k retirement and health insurance is associated with any offer of employment.


The qualified candidate will have (a) related degree(s) and experience (e.g. 5-10 years) working within the collegiate safety, health, risk management and emergency preparedness environment.  Professional certification (e.g. Certified Safety Professional [CSP], Certified Industrial Hygienist [CIH], Certified Hazardous Materials Manager [CHMM]) is highly desired. This candidate will have project management experience related to higher education (e.g. development of Chemical Hygiene Plans, Collegiate Emergency Communications Plans and the development and provision of training provided to collegiate staff).


This individual must acquire/maintain certification in specified regulatory areas and be available to provide technical assistance to colleges and universities during emergency events.  Response to events of consequence may be required.


Previous consulting work, though not essential, will document the candidate’s ability to manage large-scale/multi-location projects.


Communications skills, both verbal and written, must be exceptional.


This individual may be required to use personal protective equipment, including respirators and maintain a current/valid driver’s license.  Travel is associated routinely with the position, and remote work (i.e. from locations away from an office) is expected.


Interested individual should send a CV and letter of application identifying salary history to employment@cocciardi.com.  Initial phone interviews followed by requests for writing/ problem solving materials and a final in-person interview are expected.  Additional information concerning the application/interview process can be acquired from the Business/Human Resource Manager, Barbara Pears, at 717-766-4500 ext 3028.



Administrative Professional

(Posted May 30, 2014)



Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. is a full service consulting and training organization, specializing in the provision of Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Emergency Management services.  The organization operates from four locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is currently accepting applications for the position of Administrative Professional to support the Corporate Executive.  Pay range for this position depends on qualifications ($40,000.00-$50,000.00).  This position will reside in the company’s Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania office.


The appropriate individual for this position will have both excellent computer and clerical abilities, as well as superior organizational skills.  This individual must have administrative project management experience, as well as the ability to lead work groups to project completion.


Individuals with a degree which demonstrates organizational and communication skills will be considered well qualified; however, others with experience supporting corporate professionals are encouraged to apply.


Key tasks associated with this position include:


1.    Clerical and Administrative tasks associated with support of the Corporate Executive.  This includes the processing of documents of importance, conducting research and compiling data, as well as analyzing incoming correspondence to determine significance and distribution.  It includes the ability to develop and manage the flow of written corporate materials.  Clerical skills, as well as proficiency in written communications and attention to detail is essential to perform this task well.  This individual will prepare correspondence and answer inquires of the Corporate Executive.


2.    Information Technology Management tasks, including the use of computer based IT systems, and the ability to optimize services to ensure efficacy.  Knowledge of computer systems and programs is essential to perform this task well, as well as work with electronic records systems.


3.    Basic Business Management tasks, including the ability to support the Business Manager or others performing business services within the company.  Arithmetic skills are essential to perform this task in an optimal manner.  The task includes the set-up and oversight of administrative policies and procedures.


4.    Leadership tasks, including the ability to maintain workloads and projects to ensure optimal project efficiency and a continuous flow of documents and information from administrative staff operating in diverse locations.  The ability to prioritize projects, and workloads, as well as work with peers as a lead is necessary to perform this task well.  The individual may meet with others on behalf of the Corporate Executive.  The individual will coordinate and direct some office services.


While a standard schedule for this position is Monday through Friday, some flexibility is required to participate in and lead activities of corporate importance.


Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest and resume to:  employment@cocciardi.com.


Applications will be accepted and interviews initiated until an acceptable candidate is selected.  For additional information concerning this position, contact Barbara Pears at (717)766-4500, Ext. 3028.



Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Specialist, State College, PA

[Posted January 1, 2014]


Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. is a full service Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Emergency Management consulting and engineering firm, with multiple office locations.  The firm is currently soliciting resumes/CV for the position of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SHEP) Specialist (salary $52,500.00-$60,000.00 DOQ) in State College, PA.  This is a salaried exempt (FLSA) position, with overnight travel required.  The company offers an exceptional benefit package, including a comprehensive healthcare package, multi-faceted retirement plan, and professional development opportunities.  Professional progression and advancement is anticipated for this individual.


The successful candidate for this position will possess an appropriate degree and work experience in the field(s) of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and/or environmental science/protection.  A minimum of five (5) years of applicable experience is required, resulting in specialized skills and the path to qualify for advancement.  Demonstration of movement toward an advanced degree and/or professional certification is required.  Successful completion of a medical examination, including classification as a non-smoker, completion of a physical ability test demonstrating the ability to perform essential job tasks, and a drug screen are required.  Demonstrated supervisory capabilities are required, with a minimum of one (1) year of supervisory experience necessary to qualify for this position.


This individual performs projects of a technical nature and manages Safety, Health and Environmental Technologists to accomplish tasks, in addition to performance of key safety related activities in these areas.  Safety, Health and Environmental Technologists’ tasks include the development of personal safety and environmental protection plans, development and/or presentation of training for clients in the areas of toxic material and waste handling (U.S. EPA and OSHA training), OSHA or state required safety training, inspection of public and private sites for safety and environmental health hazards, and the provision of written reports with prioritized recommended actions.  Experience and/or licensure in these areas is essential.


This individual must maintain specialization/qualifications and certifications in these areas, and routinely demonstrate these skills on large or complex safety, health and environmental compliance projects.


Communications (verbal and written) skills must be exceptional, with clients, subordinates, and supervisors. 


Previous work in the consulting field, though not essential for each candidate, will document the candidates’ ability to manage similar projects and products from inception (bid and specifications) through conclusion (cost effective scheduling and project reporting).


This individual must be fully qualified to use personal protective equipment, including respirators, and may enter or operate in hazardous environments or atmospheres.


Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest in this position and a resume/CV to:  employment@cocciardi.com.  Resumes will be received/reviewed, additional information (specific position description) sent to qualified candidates, and qualified candidates interviewed upon identification.  A multi-step employment process is anticipated, which will include an initial request for a writing sample, phone interview and subsequent personal interview and ability for the candidate to demonstrate problem-solving abilities.